About Us

About Us

Far Eastern Taichung store is operated and managed by Far Eastern Group – Far Eastern Department Store, and designed by Altoon + Porter Architects, Archasia Design Group and Garde Inc.

  • Opened in winter, 2011.
  • Architecture floorage of 53,829 ping.
  • Business floorage of 25,510 ping.
  • 7 floors underground, 14 floors above the ground.

The New Landmark, located at the new core of Taichung city metropolitan, including culture, politics, and business centers. Heightened Lobby, the most fashionable and environmentally friendly shopping paradise in Taichung City.

shopping district Location

Population Distribution & Location Advantage

Taichung City is regarded as the core of central Taiwan; population scope is ranged from City o Taichung County, Changhua, Nantou, and Miaoli.

The population of metropolitan is about 2.64 millions that contribute to 52% of total population in Taichung city metropolitan. Taichung business district is shifted from the old urban areas (the Central and West District) to the new development Xitun District. FE21’ Mega Taichung Store is located in a very potential area; the core of Xitun District-Seventh Redevelopment Zone.

Ancient and Modern

Well-being among the top three cities in the country. Very aggressive in the participation of arts activities. With historical and modern style, Taichung is moving from the starting point of “Culture-driven” toward a“Technology –leading”.

Taichung Science Park, Precision Machinery Park, and Taichung Industrial Park are firmly connected in between. In the near future, the completion of Taichung Airport Park City will drive Taichung to be a prestigious city in Asia.

Taichung holds the most abundant resources on transportation; Taichung Ching-Chuan-Kang Airport, Taichung Port (the 2nd largest port nation-wide), Taichung station of Taiwan High Speed Rail (15 minutes away from downtown) and Taichung MRT, plus two highway interchanges and two east-west expresses. All these development had positioned Taichung to be the most important transportation hub in Taiwan.

Seventh Redevelopment Zone is a new core to Taichung, including Taichung political, economic and cultural areas. Since 2011, the Municipal Government and City Council have relocated in the new district, in addition to Taichung Metropolitan Opera House which is under constructions. The presence of government offices, more cultural activities and high-end residential communities drive Seventh Redevelopment Zone toward a new core to Taiwan Central Consumption Area.

Our Features


The introduction of world-renowned international products, experiencing the new trend just in in time.


A green-space department store, having more stress-free shopping Cultural


driven facilities, having more-fun and convenient shopping.


Humanity-driven facilities, having more-fun and convenient shopping.


The latest fashion collection; demonstrating the trendy style.

Stylish and green, open a new shopping paradise

About Us